6 of the Weirdest College Majors


1. Golf Course Management

Golf Course Management

There are a total of seven colleges, including the University of Maryland, offering a major in Golf Course Management because in their eyes, golf courses require a lot of maintenance that needs to be professionally done and it takes 4 years to learn how to do it. Classes in this course include Pest Management Strategies for Turf grass.

2. Cannabis Cultivation

Cannabis Cultivation

Can you guess what state has colleges that now offer majors in Cannabis Cultivation? If you guessed California, you’re right! When you consider the newfound law to make medical marijuana legal in this state, of course it’ll be successful, and have the need for production and anything less than quality won’t do. In this class, the history, politics, and legalities are also taught alongside the making process. In April of 2012, one classroom teaching this subject has been busted by a group of police.


3. The Beatles


You think you’re the biggest fan ever of the Beatles fan but you can’t beat the kids that went to pay thousands of dollars to major in them at college. Who knew there was such thing as a Master’s degree in a band, and how will you turn that degree into a real paying job? This course explores through the evolution in music in the past 50 years and uses The Beatles as its primary focus of attention. This program was established in 2009 and the only class of its kind.

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