9 Little Known Beauty Tips


1. Longer Lasting Lipstick

Last Longer Lipstick

A fresh, bold lip color can complete a look but reapplying through the day to keep the color is a hassle. First, apply a quality chap stick or lip balm to create an even surface to work with. Next, use your fingers to dab your skin tone foundation across your lips. When using lipstick, use a lip brush for a precise application.


2. Getting Whiter Teeth

whiter teeth

A big, bright smile can make someone fall in love, but they won’t fall in love with yellow. There are many teeth whitening solutions in stores but with high price tags. Grab a pack of strawberries, guaranteed to be less than $10 and beat them with a spoon to a pulp consistency. Apply with a normal toothbrush and wait 3-5 minutes for the magic to settle in. Afterwards, rinse off and brush your teeth as you normally would.


3. Bottom Lashes Need attention too!

Bottom lashes

You apply mascara to your top lashes everyday but how often do you neglect the bottom ones? I know, sometimes they can play hard to get with a mascara wand. In this case, use a credit card and place it under the bottom lashes to lift them up. Place on the mascara and it’s that simple to have the appearance of thicker, fuller lashes.

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