Against the Swarm: Nutaku’s Flower Knight Girls take on Bug Invaders



A bug-infested garden wouldn’t cause restless nights for most of us, but the problem takes on an outsized importance when the pests have grown to man-sized proportions. Throw in a malevolent intelligence directing their campaign and the fact that – surprise! – you’re made of flowers, and the bug problem is now a real crisis. Welcome to the world of Flower Knight Girl!

The latest hentai adventure game from Nutaku doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to disaster scenarios: you’re a captain in the Fern Gully-esque kingdom of Spring Garden, and a crawling chaos of centipedes, mantises, and bottle flies are rapidly devouring your world. Arrayed against these pugnacious pests are the Flower Knight Girls: a kawaii collection of loveable warriors, from Lilly Knights to Rose Crusaders, all looking to you for leadership (and affection) in this time of crisis.

The single-player experience in Flower Knight Girl consists of a grand quest to marshal your forces and turn back the tide of evil threatening to overwhelm Spring Garden. Campaign maps allow you to place “orders” of knights that journey along branching paths fighting enemies, collecting treasure, or gathering power for future battles. Total victory requires complete extermination of the bugs: not a single creeper can be left behind, meaning that multiple attempts will sometimes be required to complete a level. Have no fear, though: each run through the campaign stage will give you additional resources to spend on your team, raising their experience, equipment, and… cough… appreciation for your leadership.


In that vein, it wouldn’t be a Nutaku game without giving players the chance to win their waifu’s love. With Flower Knight Girl, Nutaku has targeted fans of this genre brilliantly: each maiden is fully voiced, with extensive interaction dialogue and bonuses when set to captain your team. Maxing their affection will unlock powerful stat boosts and new powers, as well as some impressively-animated sex scenes that tip this title firmly into the ‘NSFW’ category.

Really, this can’t be stressed enough: don’t play this game in front of your mother. Some of the cut scenes makes Bible Black look like Pokémon.

Given that the gameplay of Flower Knight Girl is perfectly suited for smartphones, it’s a surprise that Nutaku has yet to announce a mobile version under development. Their previous blog posts on the issue suggest they may be wary of investing money in mobile development when the biggest potential playerbase for this platform, iPhones users, remain completely locked out due to the app store’s strict control (read: ban) on adult games.


In the final evaluation, Flower Knight Girl will mostly appeal to fans of the ‘cute girls on adventures’ genre and obsessive waifu collectors. Unlike most freemium titles, the game’s monetization is mostly painless – only the most hardcore gotta-catch-em-all types will have to open their wallets to achieve their objectives.

Try Flower Knight Girl on (registration required).

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