Arkansas’ 8-Winged Chicken Shows Food Scientists Are Going Too Far


America’s appetite for chicken wings has taken a turn for the worst and best, depending on how you see it.

The first ever crossbred chicken has seen the light of day thanks to the food science department from the University of Arkansas. A team of doctors and scientist successfully spliced the DNA from a spider with America’s favorite avian species to create the first eight winged chicken intended for human consumption. Poultry farms will be now be capable of producing several wings per chicken, significantly increasing their output and profitability.

Chicken Main

Anti GMO groups have mobilized against the new research, arguing that the health impact of heavily modified poultry DNA has not been sufficiently studied. However, their objections have been drowned out by the vocal chicken wing industry, who are eagerly anticipating the entry of their “golden egg” into the market.

The controversy is expected to further increase next month when Duke University researchers release their paper on their attempts to produce a cylindrical cow.



Artists rendition of what the chicken is estimated to look like.

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