‘Duel Squad’ Brings Mutant Sex To Your Browser



In the near future, rapid genetic mutations result in a minority of humans developing incredible powers and abilities. Now, a human-mutant alliance must fight against powerful radicals who seek to destroy a fragile peace between the two sides.

Sound familiar? No, it’s not X-Men: it’s the sexier, more Japanese, and most definitely Hentai game ‘Duel Squad’. In it, you’ll not only be leading a team of fantasy heroines against villainous adversaries – you’ll be sleeping with them afterward.

Duel Squad hits all the right buttons for superhero-loving gamers who’ve always wanted to find out what’s beneath the spandex of their favorite mutants. As the single-player campaign progresses you’ll quickly end up with a base full of sexy girls with horns, fur, or for the truly adventurous, lobster claws. Although you can develop relationships with each of them, they also bring a range of abilities to your team dependent upon their powers. Success requires creating a squad capable of balancing each members’ elemental strengths and weaknesses.

It’s not hard to see why this sort of game is so popular in Japan. It’s free, easy to get into, and contains layers of strategy you wouldn’t expect to find on a title playable in your browser. That said, the game is not a cakewalk and requires some time investment to unlock those sexy scenes: earning your way into Fenrir the wolf-girls’ pants is going to take a lot of skill and adventuring.

You can try the game here, or check out the trailer for Duel Squad alongside other game trailers on Nutaku’s YouTube channel:

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