Five Reasons Why Trying to Get Healthy is a Terrible Experience


It’s the beginning of the year. The gyms are packed and the produce sections are picked over. If you’re one of millions trying to get healthy, here’s why it definitely won’t be a cakewalk…

1. Your body literally doesn’t want to

Even if you adopt healthy habits, your body doesn’t want you to get skinnier. Seriously.

This woman feels your pain.
This woman feels your pain.

Here’s why:

Today, feeding yourself is as easy as trudging to 7-11 and grabbing a frozen pizza or a questionably edible sandwich. But convenience and accessibility, which define our current relationship with food, are new developments. Throughout much of human history, many people went through their entire lives with one goal:  find enough food to keep from starving. Obviously, it’s great that this is changing. But our bodies haven’t gotten the memo; because of our history, our bodies are programmed to prepare for famine, so when we start consuming fewer calories, our bodies fight to hold onto our fat. You know how whenever a big snowstorm is coming, people flock to the grocery store and buy a shit-ton of food, more than they actually need, because they’re convinced they won’t make it to the store for weeks?

Yeah, that’s what your body is trying to do EVERY DAY.

2. Food ads will haunt you

When you can eat whatever you want, you can look at the most decadent of food commercials without batting an eye.

Literally. You don't blink.
Literally. You don’t blink.

But if cutting out junk food is a part of your plan (it should be), commercials will be a new form of torture. Suddenly, commercials are reminders of all the delicious things you can’t eat. As a result, you even find yourself craving certain restaurants and types of food you didn’t even like before. This can be especially true if you’re adopting a new eating style, like a vegan or Paleo diet. And the worst part? You know you could go back to your old ways. You have only your own willpower to lean on, and that’s not always a good crutch.

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