Great Moments From Carbotanimations StarCrafts Season 1


If you play video games at all, you have at least heard of Starcraft, arguably the best spectator esport on the market, and certainly the best RTS available. For the past year, Carbotanimations has been making short animated videos depicting hilarious situations that arise in this competitive game. Bellow you will find some of the best moments from season 1 in GIF format. Check out his youtube channel here


That awkward moment you need to get down your ramp to defend your expansion, but the protoss has sentries.


When the protoss has 1 pheonix out and you have to group all your overlords together before they all get killed with nothing you can do about it.


That feeling of helplessness before infestors got hit with the nerf bat. Just toying with all your units.


When you forget to build a spine crawler or any semblance of a wall…poor drone, he just wanted to be friends.


Screw you and your minerals too!


This cute little zergling who decided to leave you a gift on your bunker.

It doesn’t matter if you follow the game or not, there is no denying Carbotanimations has some serious talent!

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