7 Signs you Are Getting Older


1. You put your dreams on hold and go to work

That’s something that can strike us as a little bit sad, but how can you disagree with it? Dreams? We all have them. Bills? Hell yeah! And nobody other than you will pay them. Fairy tales are always nice, but getting older is also realizing that there’s a pretty damn hard life to be lived. Or that at least it takes a lot of hard work to make your dreams come true.


2. You have lots of plans

Any plans for the future? If there’s a positive answer with a good care for details, you are most likely getting older. That’s not a bad thing in itself, but just a fact.

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3. How come you don’t know that?

Kids nowadays just don’t have any idea whatsoever what all the pop references that marked your childhood are. Mcfly? Oh, I love that band! Geee, what’s wrong with this generation? C’mon! Back to the future! You gotta know that! Give up buddy. They don’t know what you are talking about.



4. Your friends are either getting bald, fat – or both.

Well, maybe you yourself are already in that situation. We just didn’t want to be hurtful and call you fat. Or bald. Whatever case, this is definitely a good sign you ARE getting older. Let’s face it: sooner or later, you look at your friends and you start having that weird feeling they all resemble someone from your family – an uncle or aunt. Time passes by so fast…

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