Steam’s Crusade Against Sexy Content Opens the Door To Competitors


(Warning: All of the links in this article are excessively NSFW)

The newly launched adult game store on Nutaku has officially opened its doors this week, giving both developers and players a chance to indulge their darkest game-playing fantasies without getting kicked off their regulation distribution service (*cough* Steam *cough).

Whereas Steam has increasingly tightened its content restrictions and cracked down on mods offering a glimpse of T&A (bizarrely enough, given that many M-rated games offer this content already) Nutaku is delivering completely uncensored and explicit games, no content patches required. They’re surprisingly good quality too, considering that most of the developers on offer are small-time indy outfits. Apparently in the resource-starved world of adult gaming, studios producing shovelware do not survive for long.

If this author had to write a recommendation for which games to try out, it would probably include the two visual novels from Denpasoft, which is the nom du guerre for Japanese game localizers Sekai Project. Sakura Swim Club and Sakura Fantasy are both excellently animated titles, though if you’re kinkster looking for the more hardcore sex scenes, Princess Evangile is probably more your speed.

Interestingly the adult game store also includes some non-explicit titles, both of which I’ve tried and enjoyed. Raining Blobs and Vanguard Princess are both excellent puzzle/fighting games respectively; the former is an anime-homage to Mario Party puzzle games and is fairly good entertainment for its <$5.00 price.

Will the Nutaku games store take off in a big way? It’s hard to tell at this point: while being able to purchase titles from adult developers in a single store is a welcome development, the true test will be the debut of the downloadable client, scheduled for launch in the fall of this year. If Nutaku can offer the features which Steam and Amazon users take for granted: including user reviews, ratings, friend features, and achievements: it may change the face of adult gaming forever.

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