The Greatest Generation (In Bed) – How Millennials Are Changing the Sexual Landscape


Barely a day seems to pass without one of the ‘wise old men’ who dominate the editorial columns writing a dubiously- researched opinion piece on how the Millennial generation is dangerously apathetic, hedonistic, and lazy. The American Conservative recently published an article bemoaning the fact that over a quarter of men and women under 30 don’t bother to affiliate with any religion and are therefore, in their words, the “decadent” generation. They’re absolutely right. By the standards of our parents, we’re all little Caligulas – and that’s our greatest strength. As the generation with the least up-tight views on sex since the ’60s, our sexual laissez-faire is changing the way society treats both sex and identity, entirely for the better. Here’s how.

1. Pornography and masturbation are now things that normal people do.

wow-such-censor-no-boobs Did you know that masturbation will make you go blind? And causes hair to grow on your hands? And will even cut your life short? It doesn’t, but a hell of a lot of people before us grew up with all the guilt and self-loathing that those beliefs will bring. Rumors like these were passed around frequently back in the day, and judging by their longevity (some of them can be dated to Victorian-era health handbooks) a good portion of people believed them. Short of asking your doctor whether it was healthy to have a wank, there was very little way of getting an objective opinion on the issue. With the invention of the internet, we are the first generation to grow up without having to wonder, “Is touching myself going to kill me?” Judging by the stats released by the sort of people who would know these things, Millennials are enjoying guilt-free masturbation in record numbers – and if that doesn’t lead to a more well adjusted society, I don’t know what will.

2. Millennials are more likely to experiment with the same gender – and overwhelmingly support gay marriage.

3ss You don’t need to have a thing for members of your own sex to support gay rights, but it’s no coincidence that a generation that is more willing to fool around with the same gender are also overwhelmingly in favor of letting people marry whomever they’re in love with. The surprisingly detailed OkCupid dating insights data suggests that over 34% of young men and women have either had a same-sex encounter or would like to – an increase that dovetails nicely with the 81% of people under 30 who now support gay marriage. Coincidence? We think not.

3. Sex is no longer necessarily between two people, and love doesn’t need to be either.

3some According to an ABC survey, over 21% of Americans have had a threesome and a further 14% would like to – and that’s counting all generations. Factor out people over 30, and this percentage rises dramatically. So why does it matter? One of the last remaining forms of legal discrimination against consenting adult relationships is with men or women who choose to involve themselves with more than one partner. Note that polyamorous people are not necessarily going around throwing orgies – but, much like homosexuality, a generation that is willing to reinterpret traditional notions of monogamy is far more likely to support the right of others to live the lifestyle of their choice.

4. We’re having more sex than anyone since the 60s – but not having unwanted kids.

consent Abstinence-only education has proven as useless as everyone expected it to, since preventing teens from having sex with 30-minute courses is about as likely as holding back the sea with a bucket. But despite the worst efforts of legislators and educators, our generation has the lowest teen pregnancy rate in history – because we’re smarter about condom use and birth control than any generation before us.

5. Kink is the new mainstream – and it’s leading to intelligent discussions about consent.

legs While harder to quantify than some of our other choices, the fact that an erotic S&M romp sold over 70 million copies in the US alone should clue anyone into the fact that people are becoming more sexually adventurous, if only in their reading choices. Despite suggestions that books like 50 Shades are middle-aged escapism, sales figures show that women under 30 are equally (if not more likely) to be picking it up. Does someone’s reading choices mean they’re more likely to engage in kinky behavior? The fact that sex shops in the US are now selling out of ropes and handcuffs suggests that the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. The mainstream success of kinky porn is also leading to intelligent discussions of how popular depictions of sex, like those seen in 50 Shades, raise questions over ideas of boundaries and consent.

6. The stigmas around sex work are lessening as attitudes about sex become more relaxed.

enemies We’ve come a long way from the 70s, baby. A generation ago, prostitution was widely seen as a moral failure by lusty women who would lead honest men astray. Logically then, prostitutes would frequently be fined or thrown in jail while their customers would get off with a stern warning. Today, it’s hard to find a person under 30 who views sex work as a moral issue rather than an economic one. That’s why states from Germany to Canada are decriminalizing prostitution or, in a partial victory, criminalizing the purchase of sex rather than the selling of it. That means less crime, less persecution of the vulnerable, and less stigma for those men and women who choose to do sex work. So next time you see an out of touch columnist rushing to label the youth as decadent, embrace it. Overthrowing the backwards sexual morality of yesteryear can be our greatest accomplishment.

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  • Mens Rights Movement

    It is just that boys are declared rapist through anti-men laws.

    • Stormy

      No one on this thread feeds trolls. Thanks, bye.

    • lolno

      Come back to us when your movement actually SUPPORTS men’s rights: the rights of men of colour, transmen, disabled men. When your movement isn’t just reactionary moaning and you actually support your fellow men, you might be taken seriously. Until then, let us drink your male tears.

      • Kyle Rybski

        Wait, how don’t they support those groups of men?

    • paulsimon

      This appears to be nonsense. Please explain further.

  • Amélie

    Did you mean “laisser-aller”? Laisser-faire=give up…

    • Dave

      In English, “laissez-faire” can be used to mean:
      a philosophy or practice characterized by a usually deliberate abstention from direction or interference especially with individual freedom of choice and action.

  • Victory or Death

    This just shows how much power the elite have over the populous (you should read about the history of communism in the US). Meanwhile, marriage. stable families and relationships, culture, and heritage are going down the drain.
    Also, i find it amusing how you speak as if this is the first time in history something like this happens.
    The fall of Rome is on the horizon and i shall seat, watch, and laugh at how your Utopia slowly burns to ashes.

    • Richard

      Victory or Death? Your way or nothing?
      Stable families; I am a member of a poly quad (MFFM) that has been together for over 13 years. Quite frankly some of our culture and heritage needs to go down the drain like racism, preemptive war and money buying our elections.
      It is interesting that you should mention the fall of Rome. Their hubris thinking that they could control the world with their military might could be your one valid point as a problem the US faces.

      • Lee Johnson

        It’s not “your way or nothing” — it’s the laws of the universe (or human nature) which cannot be broken without consequence.

        • SaintStryfe

          And what consquences are those? Gonna start beating up those who don’t match up to your moral standards, or are you a coward? Common big man, gird those loins with the armor of righeousness here…

          • Lee Johnson

            You misunderstand, completely. My statement about consequences are not a threat. They are the inevitable actions of natural law.

            I wish it were not so. This area of human nature and human activity has been thoroughly explored and documented. Yet every generation thinks they discovered it.

      • Violetarantula

        Take a bow. Best comment so far.

      • Sabrina

        Thank you Richard. Well put.

    • Brad Erthal

      Rome didn’t fall when it lost your vision of sexual morality. It actually fell after it adopted Christianity (and the silly set of sexual mores therein). I kind of doubt that the sexual taboos it adopted are why it fell, but at least attempt to get the timeline straight.

    • The Spelling Police

      Hey, Victory or Death – you care so much about history, Communism, and issues through which you are basically trying to show us how smart you are…and you can’t even spell populace

  • unknown

    “and less stigma for those men and women who choose to do sex work.” – Choose to do? – let us just keep in mind that most people working in that kind of business DID NOT choose it!! They are often victims of sex labour and human trafficking!

    • M_Solitaire

      That’s demonstrably untrue. While there are people that are forced into prostitution through human trafficking, there are many others who work in the sex trade voluntarily (or as voluntarily as any paid labor can be without a guaranteed basic income). Anyone who works in the adult film industry would be a good example.

      Whether or not you believe that most sex workers engage in the work voluntarily, ending the prosecution of women who engage in sex work is a great leap forward for human rights.

      • Max

        I don’t know where you get your data from regarding “most sexworkers.” Care to share?

    • Fab

      Omg shut UP

  • Jeff

    BS. It’s just the dissolving of morals in the US. Depressing.

    • Georgie Sparkle

      I’m intrigued as to how anyone can tie these things to morality. What’s so immoral about enjoying consensual sex between adults?

    • Jim Mader

      You need to get laid.

  • Weir-follower

    Technically, the columnist you quoted misused the word “decadent”. You can only be decadent if you believe that what you are doing will damn your immortal soul to hell. Since pretty much nobody believes that anymore, nobody can be decadent. The closest thing to decadent behavior in contemporary society is when catholic priests rape little boys.

    • desiderium.xo

      That is just one (less commonly used in my experience) definition of decadent. The more commonly used definition today is “luxurious self-indulgence”

  • Inca

    Much about this article betrays a very shallow understanding of history on the part of the author, which undermines his points. While I agree that Millenials are often the butt of unfair stereotyping, the author of this piece is much too preoccupied with crowing about the supposed uniqueness of own his generation to grasp the bigger picture. The mistake not of someone of his generation, but of young people in general. The idea that the Millenial generation has “the least uptight views on sex since the 60s” demonstrates a laughable grasp on history and demographics, like the author’s only point of reference on the 60s is that Woodstock happened. And the comparison between homosexuality and polyamory is a total WTF awash in the youthful privilege with no memory or grasp of LGBTQ struggles just to achieve parity. I don’t blame the author for being young, and generations should be allowed to defend themselves, but please don’t try to reach deeper than your own understanding.

    • foreal

      punctuate better, guy.

    • E

      +1 ha ha ha! ya.
      People who ride in the new fast trains forget the Chinese who laid the tracks.

    • LetMyPplGo

      No, please DO try to reach deeper than your own understanding. That is rather important. I would rather have empathy over apathy any day.

      Perhaps the author’s understanding still needs to go deeper, but that doesn’t mean their heart is in the wrong place.

      I’m quite happy to see younger generations enjoying the freedoms people have fought for.

  • Eve Schmitt

    I’m not in favor of porn being accepted if it’s still an industry that uses up women and throws them away. exploitation should not be mainstream.

    • naughtyzebra

      They’re choosing to do porn. Who cares! Let them do what they want.

    • rabbitprojector

      it isnt just the porn industry that uses women up and throws them away. Its pretty much the norm on all fronts.
      The Fact that women use sex as a means to acquire wealth assets or privilege is a symptom. They do it because men are treating them as though its their only worth. This is evident in the way older less attractive women often do not get the same job opportunities, are paid less , and are also less likely to find a mate that helps them to build a stable home and family. Women know they have a short time to make an impression before they become invisible to the majority of people of all ages. And it applies to many more areas of our lives than just porn,sex,and marriage.

    • Rob Guimaraes

      Do you make the same complaint about football players once their (short) careers are over, or are only women incapable of mature consent?

      • Fab

        Good one!!!

      • mo toons

        When a female porn star makes as much as a male professional football player, that analogy might have some weight.

        • Rob

          I see. So being “used and discarded” is okay if the payout’s good enough in your eyes. Not only is price a brainlessly nonsensical barometer by which attempt to trump the consensual elements of this issue (I could simply move over to, say, rugby anyhow), if there wasn’t a sizeable portion of the populace rigidly against pornography from convoluted morally archaic reasons, there might be a closer gap between the payouts. Better yet, what about male porn stars who are doing the same job and getting paid about a third of their female counterparts? Wouldn’t they be the most offensively “discarded” by this logic? Or maybe the problem is that some people continue to place a heavy stigma on female adult stars, treating them as naive victims at best or brainwashed fools at worst and that this mentality curbs the income they could potentially receive. I wonder where I’ve seen that kind of mentality…

          • mo toons

            Of course it’s not “OK.” I get what you’re saying about consent, however the typical male professional football player is compensated for their risk with enormous salaries. Female porn stars are not regarded with any value and she bears the brunt of any risk involved. The scenerios are just not comparable.

          • LetMyPplGo

            You bring up some good points, but as far as the pay goes, people are paid more for certain types of jobs. Dangerous work means more money. That is pretty common. The details of the job should be up front and honest, and people should be paid appropriately for their work.

            Doing so would make it so that people aren’t being used and discarded. They would be compensated appropriately instead, and they would do so in an environment where they know what to expect to some degree.

      • Eve Schmitt

        AS A MATTER OF FACT, I do. I make the connection that both football players and porn actors get used up for our own entertainment. Football players are doing the epitome of what our culture expects men to do (battle other men), and porn actors are doing the epitome of what our culture expects women to do (submit to sex for the amusement of men).

        Are you not entertained?

  • Jon

    I find this offensive. Especially in regard to sex workers. No mention is given to the many people over the years who have fought for awareness, rights, justice and real social change. Do your research on the laws and the affects they have on the workers. You make some pretty bold unfounded statements here.

  • Crash

    I’ve always known I was ahead of my time…

    All jesting aside. I’m a late 30’s queer punk that grew-up in a small Michigan town. I’ve given it some thought- and no, I don’t agree at all.
    This article ommits ENTIRELY those brave souls that fought and died in the culture-wars of the 70s, 80s, 90s; Stonewall-ers, Act-UP!, Mathew Sheppard, Harvey Milk, Jenna Jamison, Janine, Robert Mapplethorpe- just to name a few that fought social, legal, and professional battles, often alone, to bring about today’s social climate. Today’s gay-marriage debate ONLY EXISTS because of the fallout from a right-wing political attack.
    “Millennials” ARE great, in that they are trending this way- but it’s them READING ON THE INTERNET ABOUT ALL WE’VE DONE, most of it before they were born, that gives them the information and the tools to be so “great”. You’ve got a computer in your “porn” graphic, ferchrissakes! All the people that struggled in VHS, DVD, laid the groundwork for your streaming fun.
    Be proud of yourselves for being smart enough to enjoy the fruits of our labors, but check your privilege kids. Those that won’t remember the past will repeat it. The fight is not over, it will take STRUGGLE- and give credit where credit is due.

    • Kael Trantor

      the article should state millennials as the turning point to where those ideas fought for in said culture wars laid the groundwork for. you have a definite point, but you cannot disregard the impact that the millennial generation is having to change the way society views sex and love in all its forms; it is this generation that will carry on to influence the next, and so the cycle will continue. definitely heed your last paragraph!

    • Violetarantula

      I’m sure it’s impossible for a late gen-y like myself (30 in less than 30 days) to simply be on fire and embracing my sexuality and all it’s vast complexities? Yes, I’m sure all of my studious reading has made me this fucking greedy.

    • Richard

      Every generation believes that they are the ones who invented sex – because they cannot bear to think of their parents doing the deed

      • Your new mom

        Really? Cuz I was doin the deed with your mother last night!

    • LetMyPplGo

      It is nice to educate people about all of that, but those fights didn’t happen just to make people appreciative of their elders. They did it so younger generations can enjoy the fruits of their labors. And I am not about to tear down someone who is doing so, simply because they didn’t give all the appropriate acknowledgements.

      And quite to the contrary, I encourage millennials to continue living it up — and voting to sustain it.

  • pepperp

    Completely disagree with these bogus figures.

    • paulsimon

      Do you have other ones? From what source?

  • Nikki

    My generation rocks ^.^ sex is fun. I don’t think it’s a lacking in morals. I wouldn’t lie, cheat, steal, or hurt anyone. Obviously those are big no-nos but what is the harm of experimenting with sex (meaning protected sex)? Nothing :) just a lot of fun to be had.

    • Lee Johnson

      It never quite works out that way, but it’s pretty to dream. The worse part is often takes decades for you to understand fully what you’ve done.

      • h3c74r

        Well said…

      • Peter Welch

        Wait, what have I done?

        • Lee Johnson

          LOL. You’ll see.

    • Jim Mader

      ▼that guy needs to get laid.

  • marv

    nice article however Germany and Canada are not states they are countries.

    • State = Country

      There are 196 “Heads of State” around the world that might disagree with your distinction.

      • poktik

        yes, but 181. Queen Elizabeth II is the Head of State of 16/196.

  • Ali

    This is so sloppy. The article linked at the top has nothing to do with the “decadence” of millennials. It talks about how evangelical churches aren’t serving their needs. And it’s referring only to CHRISTIAN millennials. Perhaps the author ought to read further than the first paragraph of the article he cites.

  • Carla Newbre

    You are too funny. Ever heard of the sexual revolution? It happened back in the 60’s. Yeah, AIDS shut it down for awhile. Good to know it’s back. But I’m sorry to have to inform you that Millennials didn’t invent sexual liberation. Hippies did.

    • j sailor

      Re Carla and the hippies:
      Actually, as an almost hippy but more yippy, it was my experience growing up 60’s to see a swinging culture of the WWII gen. in episcopalian churches and have read about the one in the fighter pilot circle and the Henry Miller et al circle. The movie the Ice Storm depicted this e. coast surburan world, I thought rather well. Divorce became common in the late 60’s and those divorced (middle class white men and women) stepped out, incl. across racial and gender boundaries even as we kids were discovering sex.

      • Jim Mader

        Pretty sure the Romans crossed racial and gender boundaries before that. Hell, Egyptians had dildos.

    • Lee Johnson

      Um, the hippies didn’t, either.

    • Anthony

      Where in the article does it claim that millennials invented anything?

    • h3c74r

      Neither hippies nor millennials. Every kind of sex imaginable has along history that ebbs and flows across the decades… Our lives are just too short to see the big picture..

      As always, just live and allow others the same…

  • poktik

    funny how people get so worked up over what’s not said in a 1000 word / 6 picture article.

  • ddd

    This is the type of shitty article that makes me reconsider my progressivism. Porn is far from being a savior.

  • CJ

    I am a healthy, average looking white male. I have not had any sexual contact in almost 10 years. I was molested by a priest from 9 to 11 when I went to a Catholic grade school trying to become an altar boy. Because of it I am seriously damaged, sexually confused, and become furiously enraged when I hear other people tell me about their “sexploits” as well as hearing others having sex. I have dated women sporadically yet have no desire to be with a man, yet both male & female sex organs arouse me. I can’t handle the pain anymore even after years of counseling & therapy which left me a guinea pig for prescribed medication. I was also severely beaten & neglected as child for bringing up the fact that I was molested and my family doesn’t want anything to do with me, nor do I have any friends or peers who can relate to what I’ve been through. Where do I stand on this subject when I feel so alone in an overly sexualized & perverse world? Please help.

    • Alex

      Sometimes you gotta just forge your own path. Many people have experienced what you have, you aren’t the first and won’t be the last. Find others if that helps, find what makes you happy, know that people care, and if it helps, work to stop the same happening to others in the future.

  • Lee Johnson

    You ignore traditional sexual morality at your own peril — in broken relationships, in broken hearts and in broken marriages. You literally have no idea what you are talking about.

    • Anthony

      Just because something doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean it won’t work for others.

      • Lee Johnson

        LOL. OK. Good luck. Bury your dead.

    • Edward Himsel

      Yep, that certainly explains why red states have the highest divorce rates!

    • Jim Mader

      I think you need to get laid.

      • Lee Johnson

        I think you need to stop getting pegged.

  • Anthony

    A lot of people seem to be reading way more into this article then its saying.

  • E

    These criticisms were the same for every young generation since WWII. ’50 rebels, ’60’s hippies etc. “Generation X” was also the decadent, the lazy-ass-do-nothing-generation until they invented the internet, google, and all the porn site you enjoy etc etc etc. Millennials will figure out what this all means to them and the world soon. Hopefully after cross gender cross dressing, racial, cross-poly-what-ever is acceptable age discrimination and ideologic discrimination will go away as well and we can all play together nicely without the tiny group of middlemen (the 1%) benefiting alone in their stirring up trouble for everyone else.

  • Some guy in his 30’s

    Nothing is free. Whatever you have too much of, you value less…so less value for sex. The problem is that sex is the ultimate connection between 2 people, and when you lessen the value of connecting with mates, satisfaction goes down and competition goes up. If you look at how much pressure there is on youth to be a sexually astute object, you realize there is no place to refute from. Long term affects – difficulty finding true connections. Just ask my 23 yo friend who’s number of sexual partners is so high that she latches on to any form of connection, even if it’s totally wrong for her.

  • Benjamin Rodriguez

    Hugbox Millenials: “We’re Marco Polo in bed! Sex has NEVAR EVAR been like this!”

    King Charles II of England: “Oh, sweet summer child…”

  • haxan

    Germany and Canada are not states…

  • Bardotia

    I agree with everything in this article except for one thing. “Not having unwanted kids.” Please, don’t kid yourselves. I can scroll down my newsfeed right now and see at least two newborn babies and countless other babies under the age of 3. I’m not saying that they aren’t beautiful of that they won’t be cared for with love and responsibility, but I am going to say that most of them were unexpected blessings. Birth control is still an art and a science that our generation needs to perfect.

  • Cate

    This is a great article, but I do have one issue. The Nordic Model (decriminalizing sex work, criminalizing clients) is actually far less of a victory than full decrim. The problem with the model is that sex work is driven further underground in an effort to protect the clients that put good on our tables. When patronizing sex workers is made illegal, it also makes it more difficult for workers to screen clients: a man who is committing a crime is far less likely to give out any identifying information. Since the Nordic Model was adopted in Sweden, violence against sex workers has actually been on the rise.

    A Sex Worker

  • Eric Rutgrink

    That the Millenials are the most permissive and open minded generation this article makes abundantly clear, but the premise that they are in fact ‘better in bed’ is comprehensively rebutted at the same time. The imagery and statements give the impression of a sexually restless and dissatisfied generation (and incidentally not often in bed).
    People will no doubt credit the popularity of this article to its intuition or enlightenment, but its actually because it brings so many unsolved questions to the surface – along with some simple falsities (that having ‘more sex’ could equal ‘loving more’ is one of the most glaringly misguided)

  • jono

    I guess when you’re bored and out of work there’s lot;s of time for sex and sleeping in late. Pornography seems pretty harmless but can lead to addictive behavior and desensitization to real sex and the need for greater and greater stimulation to get off which tends to ruin relationships. A friend’s partner died during porn and drug induced auto-erotic bondage – going for the ultimate masturbatory high A little wont; hurt you just like anything else – don’t get obsessed.

  • Donald D’Haene

    I happened upon this and my partner without knowing says, “Did you know since ’70 the world’s population has doubled?” Less babies, eh?

    • AweomsePossem

      It hasn’t quite doubled but he’s more or less right:

      But this article is written from a North American perspective. So I don’t see how the out of control population increases in countries like India should affect the birthrate in North America.

      In fact I would say the article is correct as if you look at this chart you’ll see that the average number of live births is around 3 or 4 million a year for the last several decades.

      But the population over all has increased much more than that over the same amount of time… so you think the birthrate would increase with the higher population.

      More people having less kids.

  • Rose Cooper

    this is the biggest load of bollocks. lol. I’ve been writing about sex for a loooong time. and having sex even longer. while there’s some merit to there being less guilt about some stuff, it doesn’t mean there’s more of it happening now, just that there’s less guilt …and the ‘Kink is the new mainstream leading to intelligent conversations about consent’ one strikes me as especially dangerous assumption. There is nothing new under the sun – never has been anything new, and access to porn has changed a lot of expectations out there. Whether women, on the whole are ‘more satisfied’ these days, does not seem to form part of this magic list of amazing things that the millenials are doing. Interesting, no? It’s all about tastes and experimentation and experiences but nothing is said about satisfaction or sexual potency. Big deal. Young women are still not getting the BEST sex that they could be having and this is why I still write my blog. Because all the empowerment in the world isn’t really worth anything if a woman is still being an object and a vessel, rather than a powerful force of nature.

  • BetterSexEd

    Lowest teen pregnancy rate in history? The US still has a teen birth rate 4-5 times higher than most other industrialized nations. The average age of marriage used to be a heck of a lot lower, too. Studies are coming out showing condom use in our generation is actually pretty spotty, at best. It’s estimated 1 out of 2 of us will get an STD in our lifetime.

  • Danielle

    you used 50 shades as your “people are more open about kink” thing? really? As someone who is PART of the kink community: 50 shades is a horribly inaccurate piece of shlock that was originally a focking twilight fanfic for christ’s sake, that has no real insights into how ANY actual kink takes place. It’s a joke, and a horribly inaccurate depiction of BDSM meant for mildly adventurous housewives in their 30’s. :/
    With that, I leave you folks with the melodious voice of Mister Gilbert Gottfried.
    A 12-year-old Florida student was arrested earlier this month after he
    “deliberately passed gas to disrupt the class,” according to police.

    • Danielle

      GOD DAMMIT >.< I'm getting tired of this keyboard not working.
      is the link

    • Ron Obvious

      but… I think using 50 Shades here points to it being a doorway for the mainstream straight culture seeing the kink world? Sort of the same way that Harry Potter got the normals into paganism. yes, Harry Potter is nothing like real Thelema or whatever, but it “normalized” it for the mainstream. These books/films or whatever are schlock versions, yes, but certainly count as baby steps in introducing idea to the normals.

  • Danielle

    Ok, since the first version of the post borked horribly thanks to my control V keys not functioning correctly on my old Piece of crap keyboard:
    you used 50 shades as your “people are more open about kink” thing?
    really? As someone who is PART of the kink community: 50 shades is a
    horribly inaccurate piece of shlock that was originally a focking
    twilight fanfic for christ’s sake, that has no real insights into how
    ANY actual kink takes place. It’s a joke, and a horribly inaccurate
    depiction of BDSM meant for mildly adventurous housewives in their 30’s.
    With that, I leave you folks with the melodious voice of Mister Gilbert Gottfried.

  • Spiridonov

    I’m a baby-boomer born in 1952. By 1970 my generation had largely turned to healthier attitudes and sought to excise the cultural baggage. In the 70s we were okay with mixed social nudity, non-monogamous sexuality and self-pleasuring. Not having the option of an Internet identity, direct person-to-person erotic interaction was a virtue and a necessity. I wonder whether the ease of Internet contact and erotic experience doesn’t also make it easier to neglect the skills necessary for direct relationships. I also question whether Millennials, while having more sex, are having better sex. A lot of solid research indicates that sexual satisfaction in America peaked in the 70s and has declined ever since.

  • Bo

    Just a small correction: in Germany, where prostitition is legal, the criminality statistics are rather negative. Legalizing prostitution has lead to a proliferation of human trafficking, brothels with “flat rates” , rate-dumping, sex without condoms and other extremes. Some local governments do get more taxes paid but women don’t get more money or recognition or freedom, they have become more of a commodity, a thing, than they used to be.

  • stuttergirl23

    OMG, as generation X (I’m in my forties) I just about laughed out loud at your statement, “With the invention of the internet, we are the first generation to grow up without having to wonder, “Is touching myself going to kill me?”

    Even my PARENTS generation were beyond this antiquated notion. A lot of what you have written here is flat our WRONG. It was our generation that started the ball rolling toward acceptance of same sex relationships, I had openly gay friends even as a teenager. I assure you we had just as much sex as you are having, maybe even MORE, because we were wacking off less and doing it more WITH OTHER PEOPLE. You HAD to, that was how we learned about sex, by DOING it!!! We didn’t have porn at our fingertips 24/7 but I assure you we got down to it plenty.

    You think you are so special? You are not. Try learning a few things before making sweeping generalizations and assumptions about generations before you. So, SO IGNORANT.

  • Martha E. B.

    Just when you thought we couldn’t masturbate and have sex any more often, along came the Millennials. Like other freedoms and lifestyles we enjoy, the best show of one’s appreciation is in the exercising of it.

    So Millennials may not know much about all the hard work of prior generations that got them the freedom, but they show their appreciation be exercising and indulging in it so heavily.

    I am happy for them and feel they are better for it. And statistics are already suggesting the generation after them “appreciates” it even more! Personally, I’ve had a vibrator since my teens and was instantly an avid masturbator from my first orgasm with it. My husband shares my passion and we encourage each other. We enjoy traditional intercourse, of course, but masturbation is a wonderful way to sustain an orgasmic lifestyle with the frequency we’ve developed within ourselves and now need.

    Masturbation habits that used to be branded as frequent or an addiction are now considered normal, average, even healthy. For example, a British health service’s brochure with the slogan, “an orgasm a day…” encouraging masturbation. At least an orgasm a day is essential for its value to our health, function, and pleasure.

    Acceptance of LGBT lifestyles has further help assimilate behaviors into the mainstream previously branded hard core. For example, mutual masturbation and oral are now considered an expression of sharing and love as intercourse and can be enjoyed more often and far more spontaneously. Affection on display with pride, not hidden in shame. Mutual masturbation between hetero boys is common now considered normal and healthy behavior. Male masturbation sleeves and devices are owned by most guys, gay and straight alike, and without embarrassment. Guys discuss and compare them. Most young women own and use a vibrator. You can find these devices in popular stores at the mall like brookstone, spencer gifts, jc penny.
    Martha (martheb123 at yahoo)