The Keys to the Kingdom: Dragon Tactics Memories Launches on Nutaku


Our Kingdom-Republic of Dragnia is once more in danger, intrepid adventurer! The evil empire of Zoldark has found a terrible MaGuffin and threatens to wipe a land of mighty knights and fair maidens from existence. Can you rally your courageous troops and seductive princesses to stave off the threat?

Though it may be ridden with fantasy-laden clichés, Dragon Tactics: Memories boasts a solid core of gameplay that challenges even the competitive gamer. The deck-building and skill development infrastructure is solid enough to satisfy serious number-crunchers, and the astounding variety of cards puts even long-running card game franchises to shame. In terms of fluff, it may be somewhat overdone, but the artwork makes up for that weakness by bringing the game to life and showcasing a beautifully imagined world of vile sorcerers, armored dragon-princess warriors, and a kingdom on the brink of disaster.

Unlike some other titles on Nutaku’s site, the characters in Dragon Tactics don’t consist of a parade of fainting females falling into the protagonist’s arms. The ‘Dragon Blood Princesses’, as they’re called, each have unique personalities that come into player during some aspect of the character’s quest: whether battle-hardened or mysterious, they individually convey a depth of character far beyond what’s been on display in previous titles.



Dragon Tactics: Memories is a free-to-play game that can be found on The game contains sex, violence, and explicit nudity.

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