The Top 5 Mobile Games You’ve Never Heard Of


Mobile gaming has exploded in the past two years on both Android and iOS, with the runaway success of titles like Candy Crush and Kingdom Rush earning the platforms some serious business interest. As a flood of imitators crowds the market, some of the best games of the past year have been lost amidst the hype and noise.

Today, we’re going to fix that. Here are the most innovative, entertaining, and unappreciated games that were released in the past year.

1. Pirate Legends

An incredible tower defense game by newcomers SuperHippo, Pirate Legends takes the winning formula pioneered by Kingdom Rush and pushes the genre in completely new directions. By incorporating boss fights, naval combat, colorful artwork and excellent sound, Pirate Legends stands out amongst an over-saturated genre as one of the most stellar titles of the season. Originally designed as a premium game, SuperHippo made a wise choice by switching to freemium, with optional in-app purchases that are in no way necessary to complete or enjoy the game.

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2. Wayward Souls

You don’t see many serious RPGs on mobile devices, but Wayward Souls manages to pull it off with style and panache. A rogue-like dungeon crawler that’s as beautiful as it is challenging, Wayward Souls pits you against a horde of monsters as you descend into a Lovecraftian horror system. With an innovative inventory management system reminiscent of Diablo, this game is a must-have for any Android-wielding adventurers.

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3. Crowman & Wolfboy

Let’s get metaphysical! If you’re tired of sinking ships and bashing Orcs, try and wrap your head around the plot of Crowman & Wolfboy, an adventure which features two shadow monsters trying to escape their own nature. Not only has Wither Studios created a beautiful game spanning over 30 levels, they’ve managed to add an element of emotional depth to the platform runner genre.

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4. Hitman GO

While the HItman series of games is incredibly popular, the utterly weird direction taken by Hitman GO didn’t earn it many admirers upon release. The traditional assassinations of Hitman are stripped down to their barest form: a turn based puzzle where you evade guards and approach your target for the bloody kill, with the elements of the map reduced to little more than 3d puzzle pieces. It’s strange, bold, and surprisingly: it works. You can easily spend hours contemplating your next move in a violent version of chess.

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5. Godus

You haven’t heard of Godus, that’s probably because it’s only been out for a few days – but already it’s beginning to make an impact. Designed by the venerable Peter Molyneux, Godus is a god-like simulator in the style of Populus. You’ll rule over a nation of Sims and help or hinder them as you please – then send them off to war against other nations that haven’t heard the good news of your divinity. While several of Molyneux’s past projects in the past have been accused of falling flat of their extravagant promises, the star developer has finally seemed to hit his stride with his first entry into the mobile market, demonstrating one of the most exciting deity sim games since Black & White.

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