Top 5 Cristiano Ronaldo Freekicks


Ronaldo is renowned for his knuckle ball free kick techniques. He unleashes venomous shots leaving goal keepers perplexed with the trajectory of the shots often being unpredictable. The current holder of the Ballon d’Or, Ronaldo is a phenomenal player and here, we take a look at some of the best free-kicks he has taken in his life.

1. Manchester United VS Portsmouth

This goal has been hailed by Sir Alex Ferguson as the best free kick he has ever seen. Ronaldo shoots a rocket past the hapless David James leaving him stationary. He fires one right into the top right corner of the goal. The dip and the swerve the ball took on it’s way to the goal leaves us commoners gaping. Here’s the video;

2. Real Madrid VS Athletico Madrid

This free kick made the Athletico Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois kneel down. Ronaldo again executes his knuckle ball technique to perfection. It’s hard to believe that the rest of us also play with the same manufactured football. Take a knee people. If the goal doesn’t entertain you, the commentary probably will.

3. Real Madrid VS Villareal

Diego Lopez must definitely be a relieved man after joining Real Madrid. What makes this particular freekick so great is because of the fact that Lopez knows where Ronaldo’s going to put the ball and yet he can’t stop the inevitable. This one’s worth a watch.

4. Manchester United VS Sunderland

No one saves free kicks like this.The ball rockets off Ronaldo’s boots hitting the nets at lightening speed. The goalkeeper is rooted to the spot making him just another spectator in the stadium. This one’s a sweet clean hit.

5. Manchester United VS Arsenal

Manchester United and Arsenal games have often been mouthwatering. This time Emirates witnessed one of the furthest freekick attempted by a player. The ball was firmly placed around 35 yards away from the goal. I know all of us said that it was too far for even Ronaldo. And then he did the unbelievable. He proved all of us wrong and showed that we should never count out Ronaldo.



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