Top 5 Hottest Balotelli Girlfriends


Balotelli is widely known for his antics both on and off the field. Heavily regarded as one of the finest emerging talents of the world, Balotelli truly showcased his talents in the 2012 Euros scoring two sublime goals against the heavily favored Germans. Whether it be showing the famous “Why always me” t-shirt or burning his house down, one can’t question his ability to attract gorgeous women. It’s definitely not the money they’re after. Balotelli’s charms, as claimed by some of his ex-es, have been irresistible. Here we take a look at some of the lovely ladies Balotelli’s had the utmost pleasure of courting.



At no 1 we have Raffaella Fico, an Italian showgirl and a model who was famous before she hooked up with Balotelli. The “Miss Grand Prix”winner, once donned in a bikini, strutted her way in the runway of Milan Fashion week while 6 months pregnant. She gained widespread universal media attention for auctioning her virginity in an interview with Italian magazine CHI for a million Euros. She has also starred in a movie title Storia di un amore. She was associated with Balotelli between December 2011 and January 2012 in an on and off relationship. Although convincing the big man about his responsibilities as a father was a difficult task, she finally got him acknowledging their daughter Pia on February 2014.



Coming in at 2nd Sophie Victoria Reade, a playboy glamour model was another one of Balotelli’s squeeze. The winner of the tenth season of Big Brother in United Kingdom, Reade and Balotelli’s relationship ended bitter as the notorious Balotelli was caught indulging in an explicit act with none other than her friend Faye- Evette Betts. She reported that the incident occurred while they were celebrating New Year’s Eve in Balotelli’s flat. Sophie Victoria Reade should have known better about Balotelli’s loyalty issues as Balotelli had once supported a rival team AC Milan’s jersey while playing for Inter Milan.



Fanny Negusha, Balotelli’s latest crush is at no 3. It looks like the striker has finally settled on a girl as they got engaged in March 2013 with Balotelli popping the question with a ring made of tin. The Tin ring has now been replaced with an exorbitantly priced sparkler. The Belgian model has an African shaped tattoo on her neck and a message designed tattoo inscribed at her inner arm further showcasing her love for her heartthrob. It has been reported that they first started seeing each other in January 2013. Negusha is currently doing the rounds with clips of her sexy dance moves circling around YouTube.



You can be a finalist in Miss Italia but you cannot escape the charms of Balotelli. That’s what happened to Eliana Cartella in September 2012 and she’s made our list at no 4 . The relationship survived a few months and then ended in a bitter note with Eliana claiming that Balotelli didn’t have respect for women. This occurred when the immature Balotelli was dealing with the idea of being a father and being deemed a surplus to the Manchester City squad. The ridiculously hot Eliana has also been linked to AC Milan striker Stephan El Sharaawy.



One cannot measure the level of sexy oozing out of Melissa Castagnoli. The Miss Italy finalist, who rounds off our top 5 got the AC Milan striker committed for a few months before he broke up with her via text right before she was on the verge of going live on TV. As reported the two texts read:

I’m back (Balotelli had caught a private jet from Manchester to Italy) to make you change, but never mind, you’re sunk. Everything is against you tomorrow, bye!

You’re a stupid girl; the real problem is not a child, but stupid! Say hello to the [presenter], which is good for you!

Um, OK.

The ambitious Melisa, who met Balotelli on Facebook, stated that the cause of the break up was because of her willingness to let go of her WAG tag to pursue a career of her own in entertainment.

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