Top 5 Messi Freekicks


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The ability to convert free-kicks is one of the numerous attributes Messi has in his arsenal. The road to being a world class free-kick taker is not easy. The reason free-kick takers stand out is because of the minimum chances they get to claim their stake. They get very few opportunities to test the professional goalkeepers and it usually takes a perfect crack at goal to score. Here, we take a look at 5 of the best free-kicks, world beater Messi has taken in official matches.

1. Barcelona VS Athletico Madrid (2-1)

At no. 1 we have Messi’s strike against Athletico Madrid. Messi manages to take the Athletico Madrid goalkeeper Tibhat Courtois by surprise. Busy setting up the wall , Courtois takes his eye off Messi and in a blink of an eye, Messi curls a perfect out swinger towards the top right corner. The goalkeeper has no chance whatsoever. Without further ado,enjoy the clip below.

2. Barcelona VS Real Madrid (2-2)

Cometh the hour Cometh the man. In this fixture of the world’s biggest footballing rivalries, Messi takes a perfect freekick and scores past world class keeper Casillas from just outside the box. Real Madrid had just equalized in the game and Messi helps Barcelona re instate their lead in Nou Camp. The match finished 2-2 but fans in the video suggest that the game will forever be remembered for this sublime strike.

3. Barcelona VS Real Madrid (1-2)

Trailing by two goals, Barcelona needed a player to step up to give them a way back into the game. Steps in Messi. This time Messi bends one away from the wall into the bottom left corner of the goal. Messi seems to have a knack of scoring freekicks past Casillas.

4. Barcelona VS Deportivo La Coruna (4-0)

In this strike, Messi fires one into the top left corner of the goal post leaving the goalkeeper stranded at no man’s land. The goal keeper can’t even manage a dive and he seems to have given up mid way. Talk about giving 100% every game and it being up-to you to do that. Messi robs the goalkeeper’s rights.

5. Argentina VS Uruguay (3-0)

Messi leaves the Uruguayan players flabbergasted as he manages to strike a freekick past the high flying wall. It looks like he has taken a leaf out of Ronaldinho’s freekick book. This freekick creeps into our top 5 purely because of the fact that he makes Uruguay look like a stupid footballing nation.




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